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Everything I have left - MEGA MAC SALE POST

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Mar. 31st, 2010 | 08:49 pm




Lipsticks/glosses/PLW/Lip Gelees
dangerously hot used 1x 12.00
Full Blown BNWOB 15.00
Poppy Hop used 1x 15.00
Rocking Chick from Barbie BNIB *rare* ($50.00)
Happening Gal lg (barbie) BNIB 20.00
Squeeze It (Fafi) BNIB  20.00
Totally it BNIB 20.00
Racy 3d glass 1x 12.00
pas de deux 1x 18.00
atmospheric 12.00
Li hot pepper 1x 18.00
Dark flower 12.00 1x
Valentine's lip gelee 1x 12.00
Jellilicious lip gelee 1x 12.00
Saphoric lip gelee 1x 12.00
betwitix plw 2x 12.00
luv 4 ever plw 2x 15.00
night rose plw 2x 15.00

Good as gold pearlizer 95% left 12.00
MSF New Vegas Original- not mcqueen 50.00

Haze screwtop pot 90% left 85.00
Chromezone 1 Quad (Pickle, gleam, mystery, brule) 90% 30.00
Violet Dear pot swiped 2x 30.00
Crimsonette 1x pot 25.00
Stroke of Midnight pot 1x 25.00
Angelcake pot 1x 20.00
Medowland 3x pot with box 35.00
Guacamole 2x with box 40.00
Little Minx 1x pot with box  20.00
Rite of Spring BNIB 25.00
Riveria rose tantress pot in box but the cover is cracked e/s is intact tho..1x..will provide pics 12.00
Plume Pan rare tiny nick 1x 20.00
Glare pan 1x 20.00
Going Bananas e/s used 2x in pot with box 35.00
Scheme Pan 1x  25.00

Off the Radar NIB 20.00
Pink Matte sample jar about 90% full 12.00

4x6 merry macmas
4x6 pool party half body
4x6 pool party whole body

4x6 Mary j blige and lil kim in gold for viva glam III

4x6 Huetopia
4x6 Dolled up

feel free to haggle..ill try my best..i do want to get rid of this stuff tho..the more the merrier.. thx..shipping is 2.00

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Comments {126}

miss gigi

(no subject)

from: miss_gigi
date: Apr. 5th, 2010 07:57 pm (UTC)

thanks hun..yeah i need to get rid of it..thinking of dropping down prices a bit more..i need to clear out

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(no subject)

from: misscyncyn
date: Apr. 5th, 2010 08:09 pm (UTC)

Comparing some prices some can be a bit high, I got my going bananas a few months ago from her for $5 :) but I think maybe try going $25 or even $20 on it and the flammable I saw go on here for $10 but I think you can try around $25 and $20 too.
The lip product prices actually aren't bad and I think quite reasonable maybe if people haggle $5 off of the high ones it should be fine. The eyeshadows just seem to be a bit higher but keep the ones like haze high. They will probably sell faster too if you just put it all on mac_cosmetics as it's own post w/o linking to your journal perhaps since people all over that stuff quick like your last sale you did like that.
I just basically wrote you an essay so sorry about that haha but just if you want to get rid of all your stuff :)

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